I am a postdoc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington working with Michelle DiBenedetto. I’m currently investigating vertical mixing of microplastic particles by wind-driven turbulence in the ocean surface boundary layer through laboratory experiments. I received my PhD from the University of Minnesota, where I worked with Filippo Coletti in the Laboratories for Turbulent and Complex Flows and the St. Anthony Falls Lab to explore fluid-particle interactions in turbulence. When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy being outdoors and reading books.


publications on Google Scholar

Fluid-particle interactions in turbulence

Microplastic particles at the ocean surface

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Particle-wall interactions

Plastic particles in the SAFL Outdoor StreamLab

Inertial disk and rod particles in a turbulent boundary layer

Dense suspensions of large particles in a turbulent boundary layer

Coherent clusters of particles homogeneous isotropic turbulence


please don't hesitate to reach out at ljbak at uw dot edu.